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Cost and Effectiveness of Stem Cell Therapy in Colombia

Why More People Are Getting Stem Cell Therapy Outside the US (and why you should, too?)

When people hear of stem cell therapy, the next question is usually about the cost. The financial side of getting stem cell therapy is usually the reason why some people decide against treatment. However, there are options that let you enjoy the benefits of stem cell therapy without spending as much. In fact, you can already get effective and high-quality stem cell therapy in Colombia that costs much less.

The total number of clinics offering affordable and high-quality stem cell therapy outside the U.S. is hard to quantify, but experts cite that there are thousands of facilities providing different services with increasing online presence. At Stem Cell Colombia, we aim to help our patients get the treatment they need without breaking the bank.

Stem Cell Tourism: Inexpensive Stem Cell Therapy Outside of States

Experts coined the term “Stem Cell Tourism” to denote the private clinics that provide less expensive and effective stem cell therapy outside the U.S. When conventional medicine has failed patients, getting stem cell therapy abroad can be the better option for the following reasons:

1. It’s more affordable. 

In the United States, stem cell therapies can cost anywhere from $5,000 to $100,000, depending on the nature of the interventions. This cost still does not include follow-up care or travel expenses.

For a fraction of this estimated amount, patients needing stem cell therapy can get the same services from private providers abroad. Stem cell therapy in Colombia costs significantly less by comparison, without compromising the quality of treatment.

2. It gives patients better options.

Even the World Health Organization admits that stem cell therapy is a grey area. There is still so much left unexplored in the science of stem cell treatment. The United States has many regulations and restrictions that make certain treatments unavailable to patients. However, in terms of finding a cure, patients have the prerogative to pursue a different route. There are stem cell treatments that are unavailable in the U.S., but available in other countries.

Studies show that patients, especially in Western countries, look up and read about their illnesses online when they want to consider other treatment options, such as stem cell treatment. Weighing the pros and cons, many patients decide to have their treatment outside the US.

3. It’s safely performed by doctors who are experts in their fields.

Many physicians who practice stem cell therapy abroad are experts in their own fields. They have the knowledge and technical ability to perform the treatment, as well as advise the patient of the possible side effects, outcome, and general expectations with stem cell therapy. 

In most cases, the underlying problem with restricted or unproven techniques is because there is a higher authority or governing body that will still have to validate the procedure. Sometimes, inaction from such authority figures may delay the approval of a stem cell treatment, despite its rate of success in clinical trials.

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Medical Tourism in Colombia

In Colombia, the government is supportive of its medical tourism industry, particularly in the field of cosmetic surgery and dentistry, where regenerative medicine is also being applied. The notion that medical tourism is low-cost, thus low-quality, no longer applies because the number of successful procedures, over the last two decades, proves that the system actually works.

Although stem cell treatment in Colombia may cost less, the success rate is high. And the numbers don’t lie. There are actually more than 30,000 medical tourists traveling to Colombia every year to get their treatments. 

Why Choose Stem Cell Colombia?

Aside from affordable and high-quality treatments, here are more reasons why you should seriously consider Stem Cell Colombia:

  • We have a translator to eliminate any language barrier, which is usually one of the disadvantages of getting treatment outside your own country.
  • We also have 120 million MSC Stem Cells which are 90-95% viable from the umbilical cord and Wharton’s jelly.
  • Transportation is a non-issue as well, for we can get you from and to the airport safely.

Stem cell therapy in Colombia’s cost is very affordable. Learn more about us

If you are considering a stem cell treatment outside the US and not sure where to go, our stem cell clinic, Colombia is a great place to consider. We offer affordable yet high-quality stem cell treatments for various medical cases and diseases. Our facility is equipped with the latest technologies and is manned by qualified staff and board-certified physicians.

We pride ourselves on the quality of our work and the trust we build and maintain with our patients. If you have any questions about stem cell therapy in Colombia, don’t hesitate to contact us and request pricing.

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